Greetings from Maize Valley Winery. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit with us.  We hope you enjoy our new web site and find it useful.  Our winery section is devoted to helping you understand the unique character of our wines as well as our overall family business.  Pictured on the right is Todd the youngest family member and our wine maker.  Here he is shown at our Luau getting into the spirit of the event.

Along the left side of our pages you can find links to more specific areas of interest within our web site.  We try to provide information for you to use when selecting a wine or a place to enjoy it.  You can also check out the "wine info" link across the top toolbar of each page.  It has more information about our specific varieties and what we currently have available.

Our winery is a bit different than most we started out as a Farm Market and added the winery along the way.  So when you enter our big ole' barn you will find a large selection of meats and cheeses, crackers, jams, jellies, and gourmet sauces and dips.  Besides growing grapes we also raise a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.  Depending upon the season we offer these local, homegrown fresh from the field, healthy things for you. 

Another thing that my strike you as you walk through the doors is the aroma of fresh baked pies, cookies or breads.  Mary is our baker and you never know what she is up to but it sure smells good.  When she is making our garlic toast for our cheese plate that is available in our winery cafe' the whole place has the mouth watering scent of garlic cloves floating through the air.

If you make it past all this stop at our tasting bar where you can sample any of our currently available wines.  For twenty five cents you can test drive each one and see how you like it and if it is a fit for you.  We ask a dollar for a taste of our awesome Red Raspberry however.  People ask why it is more, well if you have ever picked raspberries in the heat of summer while battling the insects you would know why.

Our winery production area is on site as well across the parking lot from our store and is currently not available for tours.

Across the creek and also in the back we have our vineyards.  Currently we have about  dozen different grape varieties planted including Vidal, Riesling, La Crescent, Frontenac, and of course Concord.

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